Rhinoceros 5.0

CAD: design, model, present, analyze, realize..., 64 bit

Rhinoceros 6.0 WIP

CAD: design, model, present, analyze, realize..., 64 bit

RhinoHyd 5.3

Computing ship intact statical stability and hydrostatic properties with animated results for Rhino 5

Naval Architct Toolbox Pro 1.1

Hydrostatic Hull Analysis for Rhino 5

SeaHorse Hydrostatics 1.44b

Extended hydrostatic analysis for boat hulls for Rhino 5

SeaHorse Foils

A plain and simple NACA section generator for Rhino 5

Flamingo nXt

Photorealistic Renderer for Rhino 5.0, easy rendering

Penguin 2

Non-photorealistic Renderer
for Rhino 5.0

Neon 1.0

Fully raytraced viewport plug-in for Rhino 5.0


Section Tools

Dynamic 3D Sectioning and 2D Layouts for Rhino 5.0


Completely automatic basic structural simulation of Rhino 5.0 solids

Orca3d 1.4 Marine Design

Hull Design, Fairung, Hydrostatics, Stability, Speed, Power, Weight, Cost for Rhino 5.0